Send money securely to friends, for free.

Send money instantly.

Cashew lets you send money from your debit card in just a few taps, and your friend will receive the money in seconds.

All card details are processed via PayPal, to keep you secure. We never even see your card number. For more details, see our payment processor.

Request money

No more awkward conversations when collecting money. Just send them a request on Cashew.

If they still don't pay, you can follow up with a "friendly reminder." They'll receive a push notification on their phone prompting them.

They'll be able to pay in seconds.

Cash out anytime

When somebody pays you, you'll have a Cashew balance. In the future, when you pay, we'll use your balance before charging your debit card.

You can cash out to your bank account anytime. The money will arrive in less than 24h if your bank supports Faster Payments.

A balance is different from a payment credit. Payment credits will be automatically used during payments (before balances, and your debit card), and can't be withdrawn.

Protected with bank grade security.

Your security is our top concern. We use PayPal to process all your card payments, so your card details are always secure.

All data is secured with AES-256 encryption. That's as secure as your bank.


We're Oxford students who got frustrated that transferring money is so hard.

You've got to log into internet banking, ask your friend for their account number and sort code, tinker with your "secure key", follow up in a few days to confirm receipt... and all just to send £1.20 for those carnations? Ugh.

We think sending money between friends should be easy, and free. In the future, we'll make money by charging businesses to accept Cashew. Did you know that when you buy a £2.5 coffee, the coffee shop is losing ~10% of that just to debit card fees? Riddikulus.